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Mad Sierra is a creative portrait photographer and visual artist. Her most recent compositions include her mastery of portraiture baked into psychedelic layers with graphic design and physical print alterations. Her unique style is a tasteful mixture of scanography and modern pop.

Mad Sierra creates for the brands, businesses, and individuals. Each creation differs, encompassing the entirety of what the individual represents, yet tactfully stands out as a Mad Sierra image.

A beautiful article written by Benjamin Orr:

Have Camera, Will Travel: Mad Sierra Photography

Mad is a powerful photographer in the Pittsburgh area. She is a talented artist and a motivated business-woman. Her professional portfolio truly speaks for itself. Mad travels for wedding shoots, professional portraits, and promotional photography of all kinds. Her primary endeavor is her own Fine Art Photography, which is in a league of its own. 

Fine Art Photography

Mad takes on the careful planning, capturing, and editing of alluring fine art photography. These are the photos she creates for herself, taking and editing pictures that are dreamy and psychedelic, yet grounded. Her proudest work, Mad endeavors to take pictures that only she could capture. Mad carefully selects settings for her photographs, but ultimately can work effectively anywhere, whether in the bathtub of her apartment or in an abandoned coke plant. Mad utilizes props, inventive lighting techniques, state of the art equipment, and powerful editing software to give her pictures a unique impression. While Mad keeps an eye on industry trends, she does not indulge fads in her editing, such as the overuse of warm colors, excessive black and white, or instagram-like filters. Instead she accentuates colder colors seldom stressed by the industry, such as teal and lime to give her photographs a distinctly cool but balanced composition. There is no need for a watermark on a Mad Sierra picture, the colors speak for themselves, and they are undoubtedly Mad.


Fotos Magazine and Premier Imaging, 'Light and City Exhibit,' Pittsburgh, April 2022

Featured four images

Opya Studios and Premier Imaging, 'PGH Art Exhibition,' Pittsburgh, August 2022

Featured one image


RAW: Natural Born Artists, 'Stellar Exhibition,' DC, October 2019

Booth featuring artwork 


RAW: Natural Born Artists, Exhibition, DC, April 2018

Booth featuring artwork 

RAW: Natural Born Artists, 'Savor Exhibit,' Pittsburgh, November 2017

Booth featuring artwork 

RAW: Natural Born Artists, 'Holiday Rawk,' Pittsburgh, December 2016

Booth featuring artwork 


Voyage Denver, 'Inspiring Stories Series: Mad Pisarchick', July 2022 

Interviewed and featured seven images

The Sour Collective, 'Special Edition Issue: Taking Our Bodies Back, Part 2,' July 2022

Featured digital imagery from Pro Choice Project

Kaitlyn Velez, 'Pity Party' single cover, May 2021

Photographed and designed single release cover

Zach Merrill, 'Future' Fashion Book, March 2021

Directed, photographed, and designed imagery of Zach Merrill's fashion line for book

Women in Pop Australia, January 2021

Photographs of Kaitlyn Velez featured in magazine 

Kaitlyn Velez, 'Comfortable' single cover 

Photographed and designed single release cover

'Best of College and High School Photography,' May 2016

Photographed featured

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